Review 176

I found the design hard on the eyes. White text on a black background if subjected to for a long period of time is sure to cause some sort of vision disturbance. The white sidebar distracted me from the actual posting area. Which, if I’m wrong I apologize, would be going against the general idea. Unless of course the intention is to direct attention to the links, which aid in the leaving of the weblog.

As for the actual content of the daily posts, I found some of them to be amusing, while others I had to skip over. (ie. tax return post) I especially liked reading his view/take/notice of the world news. With these differentiating topics his comment in the “about me,” area (“Even with all these labels, you still don’t know who I am.”) is proven true.

So in summary I would say I was neither impressed or unimpressed by this weblog. With a little work on the design, and maybe less posts about where he is and who he’s visiting, I would be a returning

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