Review 175

Here is the first truly adult weblog that I have found. This guy posts stuff about his life and posts pictures of naked chicks. This is a definite read for the girls, and a definite look at for the guys.

But seriously. Jack puts a lot of effort into his site. He posts about anything and everything you can think of, but it is typically about sex, naked women, what he did last night with a naked woman. Normal stuff in a weblog.

But there is something more to this site than just the pictures. It might be his writings, it might be his articles. I just don’t know. I have been reading (yes reading) this site for almost two months now. A lot of the stuff he has been through, I can agree with. Its stuff that happens to everyone.

Ok, the pictures are nice. He doesn’t (typically) post ugly ass women. These are really hot chicks. Half of them are fan pics of these girls with IWANGF written on some part of their body. What more could he ask for?

So if you want a good read, then check out this site. If you want to look at pictures of naked people, then check it out. If you want both… just click his link already.

Editor’s Note: Since the time of the review, IWANGF has had some major problems and lost all of the original content that was used in creating the review. Recently it seems as if Jack has lost interest in the site because of all of the problems.I Want a New Girlfriend

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