Review 170

Being greeted with a full page and a half of requirements to view the site and rules in which to follow once you’ve entered is a very bad first impression. Not to mention that those said rules and requirments have been written in a “like it or leave” fashion and are even more of a reason to just click the [X] button and move on to a more welcoming and friendly site.

If you can manage to read through the “welcoming” page and do happen to be able to view the interior site, it is very beautiful in design. The CSS and JS are wonderful, a true pleasure to look at. I would say well worth the rude greeting, but I would be lying.

The content of the posts, updated multiple times a day, seem for the most part to be nothing but negative. Not something the average reader would want to subject themselves to for fear of being severly depressed as an end result.NULL

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