Review 156

The haphazard layout of this site, with varying fonts and little to help you distinguish between weblog entries, discouraged me from the start. I made myself stick around long enough to scroll down until things looked a little more tolerable.

The weblog had some funny entries with amusing links. Very random content and funny stories about Ken’s cat were what kept me amused. Ken is apparently a writer of columns for some publication or another (perhaps several?), and his writing style reflects that. I like reading weblogs that don’t distract me with broken sentences and poor spelling, of which there seem to be a lot. This site is well written and well thought out beneath the surface.

The rest of the site was not as interesting as the weblog, or even as existent in the case of the Links page. Ken posts many of the articles he writes, several of which I read. They made me wish I had his job: travelling to Las Vegas, reporting on conventions, writing clever articles for internet news sites. Ah well.

If you can look past the frenetic layout, there is a lot to be found at Ken Layne’s site. I would suggest that you take a look and tell me I’m wrong.Ken Layne ~ The Continuing Crisis

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