Review 153

There are two types of blogs: the good ones, and the bad ones. We’ve read some of each in the past, so we’re all familiar with what to expect. The good blogs have something unique about them, usually the angle or the tone that makes them different and worth reading. A site devoted to a particular field and is well written is worth visiting again and again.

And then on the other hand, there are the bad blogs. “This morning I had a cheese sandwich for breakfast and then got caught in traffic.” We’ve all known mornings like that, but we don’t go around telling the world about it, because the world has no reason to listen.

By now, you’re probably wishing that I would just get to the point: and here it is. It is possible for a site about nothing, just the boring, ordinary events of a person’s life, to be captivating. It depends on how it is written, and in the case of Aftershock, it is written with such subtle flair and dry wit that you find yourself drawn in immediately, swallowed whole in a dissection of a life where nothing particularly consequential happens in any one day (I hope I’m not insulting anyone out there who has a pretty spectacular site – Superman maybe).

That is why you should read this blog, and that is why it is a very good site: it adds a new context from which to view our own dull lives.Aftershock