Review 152

Peace Dividend looks very good. A nice background, with elements structured by varying fonts and text colors, the site was easy to read and figure out. Few graphical elements were needed to present the information on the site, which keeps the load time down. A plus in anyone’s book.

The content of the weblog entries was of a political and often personal nature. While I liked reading most entries, I was often hesitent to click on the links leading to external pages, not knowing where I was being led. A little more info about the links would have been helpful, though it may have taken away from the author’s concise, sharp, writing style.

Clicking through the nav menu to see the rest of the site, I found more links the further I clicked. This quickly led me astray, not knowing where I was after a couple of pages. A little reorganization of the navigation, along with some common navigational theme from page to page would help.

A little tweaking of the structure sitewide would help make a very impressive site. It is certainly worth a look.peace dividend

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