Review 150

I was immediately impressed with the design of the site. While pink is not my favorite color, it doesn’t seem to the author’s favorite either, as the picture of her states on the front page. The design is smooth and fluent. Being a stickler for cross-browser compatibility, I was unimpressed by the anti-Netscape statement at the top of the front page.

Reading through the weblogs, I was often left confused by obscure references and what seemed to be inside jokes. Nevertheless, I did find entertainment in some of the random quotes, links, and log entries. A nice, unique touch was that each entry informed you of the band and song the author was listening to at the time. I found myself intrigued by the author’s sarcastic wit in many of her postings. Her vast vocabulary and clever writing style managed to keep the logs from sinking into the uninteresting.

Aside from the author’s bio, the rest of the site was pretty cut and dry. The links page listed a bunch of random people who I had little interest in seeing. The guestbook didn’t seem to be working according to the statement at the top. I went back to the main weblog page and read more.

pink pantster

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