Review 137

Get your phreek on? Or not? Well, that depends on your tastes, and this site is the Dr Pepper of blogs. Still, what’s the worst that can happen?

First of all, the badness. The text is quite small, and will put off all but the most optically blessed, and there is very little spacing between lines. The front page is very busy (maybe too busy), and it looks like too much has been packed in. I had a lot of trouble accessing deeper into the site; most of the links to the left were 404s, but that could have been a problem with the server.

Now, the goodness. Despite all I have said above, I still enjoyed this blog. I’m not exactly the target audience (ie I am not a skateboarder, and I am not a teenager), but the posts were still interesting enough for me to read, and were at times humourous and far from mundane. Ah, to be young again…p h r 3 3 k

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