Review 135

The Lipgloss Assassin keeps a very nice website. The design and layout are fresh and original, maintaining a clear navigation structure. I was unaware I was looking at the weblog at first, but after scrolling down to see dated entries, I figured it out.

The weblog entries themselves range from personal rants and raves about music, people and the internet, to news quips and virus alerts. Quite an interesting variety. I was not easily bored by the content, and read almost all of the posts.

I was a bit perplexed at first, not having the needed plugin to listen to the music on the site. I like being given the option to opt-in to mulitmedia features, rather than being told am lacking something upon entry to the site.

The rest of the site featured provocative images of the Lipgloss Assassin, and even a webcam, which actually worked. The webcam showed the empty bedroom of the author, next to some suggestive pictures of her, which can only leave me wondering what goes on there when she is online.

This site is not for the young, with no holds barred on the language, humor, and images.

Overall, I was impressed with the high-quality design, the entertaining and informative weblog, and the general content. Definitely worth a look.lipgloss assassin

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