Review 132

well I’m going on a short hiatus so I thought I might do something brash before I leave hence reviewing my own website.

Well let’s begin.

the design (done by the maker of phil d is really good in my opinion on my suggestion he made the pixily art (which if you see tells the story of a twisted romance gone wrong). The design isn’t what is wrong with my site. First of all (you will know this if you read my reviews) my spelling and grammer really, really take away from the quality of my essays and poems, it often irks people mabye to the pt of dissuading them from coming back. However many a time the spelling and grammer errors are intentional to drive away people who are too buzy checking those to look at the actual content. but even I’ll admit it is often times very annoying. Another thing about this site that could be improved apon is NOT writing crap, some of my really horrible essays offend people so much that they won’t look for the good ones . I’ve managed to offset this problem by deleating many of those but still.

One of the most overlooked sections for webloggers is the poetry page where through persuasion I’ve managed to obtain many a poets contributions (including the esteemed ann arbor poet molly raynor) and others. This is in my pt by far the most interesting part of my site. A flaw that was my fault not the sites was my using it as a form to vent my anger at specific people. But through seeing what it’s done and the feedback i’ve gotten I’ve curbed this as well. I think I can honestly say these things because it isn’t shameless self promotion it’s honestly how I feel towards my site and as I grow I only feel it’s potential and quality will grow with me. But as long as in essays and logs I remain immature than my site will also only be this way.

But I encorage you to go to my site and tell me if you thought this review was accurate or hogslop

thank you for your timebandersnatch

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