Review 131

a quandaryis what we are presented with on it’s strange to look at and even stranger to read. I feel that the weblog should be on the front to grab the viewers attention more, the main page is in the way and should be eliminated with the reader just going to the weblog first. this site is too MTVish for me but that’s not to detract from it. It dosn’t seem to be relevent or insightful. the photographs are what I liked best giving an outsider a glimpse of the webloggers life more than the weblog entries do plus it lets people see one persons view of NYC, the photos show a cornicopia of someone’s life in a way that you feel that you know them, unfortunetly the writing is bland and not very invigorating, rather drifting aimlessly. the photos capture what life is like in a raw and uncut state, to bad the weblog dosn’t do the same. still it deserves some credit for being bold in design and in photography and I would recomend it for a

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