Review 128

As evidenced by his list of current projects, the author of the Hectical Bloggerie is a busy guy. He readily admits that his site design is not original; it has the same layout as many a blog I have seen in the past.

However, what makes this site different from the rest, and why it’s worth checking out, is the lack of other sections. Extraneous details like a guestbook or a forum are gone, leaving the author clear to simply write his blog. There are no “Today I updated the XYZ section” posts.

By now you’ve probably realised what I was thinking: this is a good thing. This is what makes the site worth reading. He has cleared his site of the details most of us skim over, and instead has taken the time to present a well thought out and interested blog about his life – his hobbies, his past, his aspirations.

The addition of an archive and maybe, just maybe, an “about the author” section would be useful, but other than that, it’s the focus on the blog that makes this site what it is. A good blog.Hectical Bloggerie

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