Review 127

This is a truly beautiful website, and it’s just a terrible shame that it takes so long to download. However, whilst you wait for it to come down you can marvel at the transparency effects on the menu system – it looks particularly sophisticated (the layout I am referring to is entitled “mix3”, so if it isn’t the one when you arrive, and trust me, you’ll know, you should change to that immediately).

Unfortunately here are enough rough edges to spoil the site. The alternative layouts offered do nothing, and lack the gusto that ‘mix3’ provides. Also, this is one of the few blogs to have kept faith with Times New Roman and underlined links. It is possible to view comments made on each post, but I was unable to find an “add comment” link anywhere, and so all of the links read “0 comments”, which is a little sorry-looking.

The background image, although beautiful and well-implemented, is too wide; this adds to the download time, and there’s no reason for me to want to scroll sideways anyway. The navigation style does not hold all the way down the left hand side (starting with images and ending in normal text), nor does it extend much past the first page; this all spoils an otherwise clever and original design.

The author’s interest in anime and Japanese culture is reasonably well represented both in terms of design and content, but unfortunately the posts didn’t hold my attention as well as the appearance did.

This is one of those sites that has enough going for it to warrant a visit, but unless one or two of the site’s idiosyncracies are patched up, I’m not sure how many will return.Friezlog

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