Review 123

In a lot of my reviews I talk about sites that look simple. They carry a simple colour scheme, the navigation is simple, and the layout is simple. That’s because, generally, it works.

However, to make something look simple and yet still work takes a lot of effort and skill, and time. I don’t think that enough of these have been invested in this site yet to warrant a daily visit.

The blog itself, though indepth and mildly interesting, is not entertaining. The author has put a lot of effort into these posts, but usually comes across as a little aggressive and unhappy, which is not what we came online for.

Design wise, this site isn’t minimalist or anything smart like that. The colour scheme needs work, and the navigation simply doesn’t make sense. Despite only having a couple of sections, it is rarely obvious how it is you get back to the blog.

Maybe one day this site will be worth a visit, but for now it reads like too much work. There are better sites out there deserving of your attention.Bittersweet Retreat

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