Review 122

Mudgeblog is a casually charming blog. Here the focus is on the author’s life, and very little time is spent linking to external articles (which makes a refreshing change in the blogging community).

So why have I described it as casually charming? Admittedly that doesn’t suggest a very good site, which is exactly what it is. The blog is well written, interesting, and the varying moods of the writer are well expressed in a simple paragraph’s content. That makes it charming.

The colour scheme is very strong, the site is well structured and the images used in the corner carry the theme of pixel art very well through the entire site. This page is very easy to navigate, making it casually charming. The greatest sites make everything seem so easy, and that’s exactly what’s going on here.

The only real complaint I have with the site is that the text may be too small for some readers, and since it’s pixel controlled, you can’t change it through the browser. Otherwise, this is a very good

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