Review 121

While the overall site design looks nice, I was left confused and misled by the navigation. There is a “Navigation Key” which depicts the definition of icons used on the website– not something I would want to stop and take time to learn or remember.

The weblog entries were sometimes interesting, but highly distracting due to the lack of sentence structure and correct spelling. Most entries I read were about web design. Links offered within the entries usually led to web design related sites.

Crusing through the rest of the pages, I often had to look and see if I had been unknowingly led to another site. There was no common theme among most pages, leaving wondering where I was.

Furthermore, I was unsure why there was a Bio page and an About Me page. Clicking on the “Home” link led me to another site all together, from what I could tell.

Overall, the ideas and goals of Life in the Bus Lane seem to be headed in the right direction, but the site needs a good amount of reworking and fine tuning.Life in the Bus Lane

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