Review 119

I really had mixed emotions about this site,many times the writer seems to belittle herself to the point beyond self-depreciating humor, the author’s repeted mention of “boobies” wears thin after awhile and it takes away from the remarkable insights this person has on life. as for the design it seems to bland for content that’s very off-beat and exciting , it seems to plain,almost and sparse even though there is ton’s of content, I also found myself a little put off by the coloring which seems to be something the writer hates “monotony” this site does however let you get to really know this person and lets you get a feel for why they are the way they are. I feel bad for the person though as she put themselves down and dosn’t give herself credit when credits due. no one wants to be depressed when they read a weblog, and this case is no exceptioncreamy

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