Review 115

The first thing that strikes you on entry into is simply how unique it is. Everything on display screams “different”, from the colours to the content to the layout.

At first it seems as if there are actually three columns on the front page. That in itself would be unusual, but on closer inspection there is a fourth as well, with graphical links to some clever dhtml experiments.

The first column contains the blog. The posts are frequent and unrestricted to any particular topic. One typically original comment simply stated that, “Using a green pen makes writing so much more fun…”

Next to the blog sits a collection of original content. Aside from links to the other sections in the site, there are, amongst other features, a search entry form, and a list of referrers, so you can see who has been visiting the site.

Finally, there are links to other sites of interest. As if you would actually want to leave this site…

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