Review 114

Sector404 is the well designed site of ‘Phil’. Phil the man with an online wish list totalling $1,048.74US! Crazy. I dont even have a wish list. If I did, I would wish for an automatic weblog reviewing tool 😛


That aside, lets talk about the content of the site. I found that there is a lot of information here. Many, many, links and news related items. In fact he reminded me that I had missed my flight to the webby’s (happening tonight) where I was to collect the ‘weblog god of all time’ award. But I digress. He has an online gallery of photos, tons of good links and a discussion area. The site has a lot of content but none of it overwhelming or ‘deep’.

Design and Usability:

A great design. Simple as that. It allows for a ‘swaggle’ (my word and no you can’t use it!) of information to be displayed in a format that makes it easy to read and find. Not an easy task. Not at all. The navigation is good but not entirely intuitive. I went into the gallery and it took me a second to understand how the pictures were to be found (instinctively I clicked on the big picture that said “gallery”). Once in, I had a wee bit of trouble finding the home link. I did find it but not until all the methamphetamines wore off and I could calm down enough to actually LOOK for the word home. Speed junkies will not like this website!


I give some bonus points here for having a good choice of colors and style. It isnt an ‘artistic in your face style’ but a calmer organized-together style. I can respect that and you should too.

Myself, I dont really follow the news and/or the ‘link de jour’ if you will, so I didnt find a lot of content that got me excited. I prefer to read about the persons thoughts and feelings. I do keep several sites in my bookmarks that I know are good sources of links and I think I might just add this site to that list. Take a look for yourself, what do you think about Sector404?

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