Review 113

mrpaTTo obeys all the rules of a good weblog:

–write a mix of personal stories and opinions about what’s going on in the word

–keep it interesting

–keep the design simple

–make it easy to navigate.

It’s easy to mechanically complete each one of these criteria, which is what a good deal of sites do. However, to do it with style is a little harder, and is what separates one site from another. That is precisely what happens with mrpaTTo.

At first, the site looks too simple. A white background. Georgia for headings, grey, red and blue for the colours. But it works so well, and there is a hidden depth to the site. One glance at the source code reveals the proper use of css; the source code is not much more than the content itself.

Aside from the blog, the highlight of the site has to be the pictures section, with some well composed shots of Australia that demonstrate the awesome beauty of the country.mrpaTTo

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