Review 110

What can be said about David Gagne that you havent already read on the bathroom walls in a seedy strip bar?

Wait, were not talking about Dave here we’re talking about his website 😛

Layout Design & Usability: is clean and simple. Using some fancy css to make his site tableless (tho it looks like there are tables, magic!). The navigation is straight forward and its hard to get lost even if you’re trying. Which, for the record I tried.

The biggest problem I had with it is that he uses black for the links and blue for the text. I kept finding myself clicking on the blue (traditionally for links) and reading the black parts separately. Im assuming he did this deliberately to see if I was paying attention (all for ruzzman!).


The content is varied and deep. You could spend hours reading papers (from his philosophy classes) to poetry, to.. well you get the idea. There is also a lot of pictures for you voyuers out there. He also has a section for the song of the moment, complete with the song available for download. I would have completed this review sooner but I needed to send an email to metallica telling them hes doing more business than napster did!

A good site. Varied content throughout the site and the blog mixes news/links and personal commentary together in a way that keeps his blog fresh and entertaining.

Check this site out, you should be glad you did (and ignore what you read in the bathrooms, David Gagne did not shoot Gandhi!)bling

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