Review 109

This webmaster knows what hes doing, the layout is pretty nice, and his logs are enjoying to read. What i liked was how, in his logs, he keeps everything to the point and doesn’t blab on and on. This makes it an easy read but one draw back is that you cant really feel what he’s thinking. There is a very thin line between too much and too little content. I think he knows what he wants to say but he has difficulty in conveying that information to you and me. He also doesnt have that many links on his site, his logs are about it. I know its all about the logs but most people won’t just go to a site to read how hes gotted his paycheck and then hes gonna get stoned off his you know what. Finally, even though the sit has a great layout I wish he would have more ‘eye candy.’ By that i meen things to keep the reader looking at the screen. Brown on brown is kind of boring and it doesnt really draw your eye to the screen. Dont get me wrong it is a great site but it needs a bit of work. I give it a 3.5

DarKnightCaptain Spanky

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