Review 108

At first I was turned off by the bright red coloring of liquidgnome,com. But alas, I noticed the pleasant tool in the upper left corner to choose a color I liked. Such thoughtful tricks of the trade please me when they are used judiciously and they work right, as this one did.

The weblog was the main focus of this site, and it was genuinely interesting. With personal notes, computer/technical notes, and links to funny articles, my attention was held for a significant amount of time.

I was pleased to see a free MP3 of the author’s band offered. The sidebar menus offered links, quotes, and biorgraphical info. One thing I was left wondering about was the author’s name, even after reading the bio page. Also, there is something to be said for low graphical content, but it would have been nice to see a photo or image here and there. Something to make the page a little more visually stimulating.

All in all, a very nice site.liquidgnome

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