Review 10

Here was a site that struck me as what could this be about. The link that I found for it was just 6 Girls, 1 blog. And keep in mind the url is I wasn’t quiet sure what I was getting into. Of course, however I was dead wrong on what this was really about. First thing I noticed is that the 6 girls, are all under the age of 15! Yikes from my first thoughts of what it would be like. So the site itself looks good and I got to reading entry after entry after entry. Even if they didn’t post the fact they were under the age of 15, it is very apparent. Lets quote one of the posts shall we, “I’m so bored too. I’m obsessed /w this guy though and can’t get him out of my head. His cute eyes, his smile, the little mole by his eye. -sigh- Someone help.” Only thing I can take from this site is what I have to look foward to if/when I have kids that young.6 Girls, 1 Blog

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