Review 3356

I really didn’t know what to expect visiting a site who’s name is “”. The genre is “humor”, but everybody has a different opinion of humor. At first I assumed this was a link site, thinking that each link would take me to a different site. In actuality, each link took me to a different article or post.

First and foremost, this blog is NOT intended for children. That said, the posts are quite funny. The author’s sense of humor is spot on, in my opinion. Sarcastic, quirky, topical and a touch of slapstick in all the posts. There are also plenty of humorous graphics and pictures to accent each post. The posts are mostly well written, a few spelling and grammatical errors; but not enough to take away from the post.

As I mentioned, my first impression was that of a news or “link” style site. This is due to the design of the front page. Each post has it’s own icon or avatar with the title and a short description of the post to which it’s linked. At first glance, one can easily assume they’re links to other sites. Otherwise, the design is simple, easy to follow, and contains all the necessary elements of a blog: menu, archives, title graphic, etc.

One of the best reasons to visit this site is quite simply the content. Each post is a fun, quirky read. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for each post, because you’ll need it. If you’re looking for quick and easy-to-read, stick to browsing through the pictures. has found it’s niche on the internet with humor. The author clearly has a sense of humor and is ready and willing to use it. People whom are easily offended should steer clear of the site as well as anybody under 18. Otherwise, if you’re ready to laugh and not faint of heart, read on!NULL