Review 790

At first glance of the site design, I thought it might be some type of a goth-related site since it has that dark-colored theme going on. Boy, was I wrong!

The color scheme is very nice, though, and I really like the simple format it uses. All the pages are the same, and all is very well in design-land at this site.

I reviewed this site while at my “real job”, which was probably a bad thing, because I couldn’t stop reading. Kristen’s my age, and has a few of the same random things going on in her life that I do, so I was able to relate to her weblog VERY easily.

Kristen calls her weblog entries “episodes”, which is just what each entry is – an episode in the life of Kristen, and normally a somewhat entertaining one at that.

I’m adding this site to my personal list of favorite, and would highly suggest it to anyone else.Sasha Fantastica