Review 26

This is the first site I’ve come across in which the writer as a “virtual pet”. I didn’t know they had virtual pets, but it doesn’t suprise me now that I think about it. Lisa who’s the writer seems to be a fan of Monet since she has some of his work on her site adding some nice color. I clicked on the link “more about me” to find out … well more about her and who she was as a person. However I was a bit disappointed when I began reading what was more like a horoscope you’d find in the newspaper or a magazine. Some of her links for her photos don’t work but apart from that it’s nice to read someone who has a distinct voice. Lisa seems to have a cute little personality making her posts fun to read.flutterby

Review 25

With a title like “FUN!” for a weblog, you gotta check it out. This is an absolutely cool site. It’s only a weblog by some selected folks who have one of the best group blogs I’ve seen yet. The way everyone interacts with each other is just like you were out with a group of close friends hanging out talking about silly stuff. One thing that makes this site great is they do asides and insert actions like someone recently posted “So… uh… I’m apparently the only person here… *shuffles foot in the dirt* Aw, c’mon guys! This isn’t funny! No fair ditching me! I bet you’re all at those parties we were talking about earlier… *sniffle* Fine then… I’ll just wait here…” which makes the reader feel like they can visual the person’s actions. The profiles of the different members are also interesting to read. They all have their own photos, some sillier than others, on their bios with their tastes in food, music, films and turn-ons. Two thumbs up all the way!FUN!

Review 24

On first glance, the design is simple and easy to navigate, the colours are warm and inviting, and go together with great ease.

The blog entries itself are entertaining to say the least, the very first entry I read: “Sometimes I wish I had some sort of handyman instincts. I’m always afraid I’ll either electrocute myself or chop some fingers off (I get nervous sticking my hand into the garbage disposal, even when no one else is near the ON switch).” made me laugh out loud, definetly worth a second look.Overall and excellent blog, and an interesting read.twist of fait accomplis