Review 974

“Sometimes I wonder if life is worth living.” This is the first line of the first post on the site I read which made me cringe since it makes me wonder if this is going to be a site where the author goes on about how much their life sucks, but I was wrong.

The content of the blog is are typical stories of being a college student, specifically at UC Berkeley and her thoughts and feelings about this and that. But once I got into reading through several posts, I felt as though I was reading two different types of writing. One that was poetic, maybe a little to poetic that describes things in an almost cutely way: “The bright light from the sun burns my eyes as it shines through the windows …” Then the second type of writing was your average, conversational writing you find in many blogs. Now, personally I prefer reading the more conversational writing over the poetic, flowery type writing. It felt as though the author was pushing to begin a post with an amusing description which doesn’t seem to go well when a paragraph later you read that is just talking about something that happened on the way to the store. I would prefer to see just a little more consistency.

The site I must say is nicely laid out with easy navigation with different banner photos at the top of the different sections of the site. It contains links, a guestbook, a writing section with poetry and so on.

I don’t really go for the poetic writing that came up once in a while that much, however she does have some nice writing and good stuff to say.

elusive horizon