Review 970

“I have lots to think about but nothing
to say.”

So proclaims the sub-heading of
The Rock Pool. I would beg to differ,
however. I think Simone has plenty
to say, although I’m not sure who her
intended audience is. While reading
through this blog I became
increasingly of the opinion that she
writes more for her own benefit than
for the entertainment of others.

This is not meant as a criticism,
simply an observation. Simone’s
writing is, for the most part, lucid and
intelligent. It’s just that I had a hard
time really getting into this blog, and
getting a feel for her life. There are
too many insular references and
assumptions of the reader’s
familiarity with what has gone before.
I will hazard a guess, and suggest
that perhaps this style has been
adopted because Simone knows the
vast majority of her audience are
friends and regulars.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.
It does mean, however, that I cannot
recommend The Rock Pool to the
casual reader. The site itself is well
designed, complete with obligatory
biographical and gallery sections,
but it just wasn’t for me. And I would
suggest that, unless you know
Simone personally, it probably isn’t
for you either.The Rock Pool