Review 966

The name, in case you’re curious, comes from an early episode of
Buffy (Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered), so bonus points right

As far as content goes, there’s plenty of it: a biography, Q&A,
quotes, photographs, so on and so forth. The design is crisp and
clean without stretching to “attractive”. I suppose you could call
it functional. Looking okay so far then. Well, except for that
fact that most of the pictures don’t work. But I’m sure that will be
sorted soon, so let’s move on. Who, then, is our host?

Well, he’s a student. A British student, no less. For those of you
unfamiliar with the average British student, allow me to briefly
explain that they are usually preoccupied with their ‘hilarious’
student antics. Including (but by no means limited to) getting very
drunk, boasting about how little work they do, being pompous and dull
and shunning the company of non-students.

Michael is a typical British student. Those of us who have to put up
with them every day will appreciate how irritating and uninteresting
they can be. This one is, sadly, no different. Definitely a blog
not to bother with.TripleB