Review 882

Smart and fashionable. That’s the dictionary definition of “posh”, which I learned from this site. And smart and fashionable are actually two words that describe Lynda’s weblog.

First, the visual aspect of the site. The background that Lynda uses is very colorful and busy, but by the very good use of tables, the general look of the site is very soft and welcoming. Each day presents a different main color of the site, which is very nie for variety’s sake.

One of the best aspects of the look of the site are the pictures that change from time to time along the left hand side of the weblog. The pictures are fun, and add a nice touch to the look of the site.

The content is great. Lynda updates several times a day, and while the entries aren’t always the longest things to read in the world, they don’t need to be. The author gets to the point of her post very quickly, and they’re very entertaining and enjoyable to read.

And, if the weblog entries aren’t enough, Lynda also has another journal that has longer (perhaps more meaningful to the author?) entries available.

This is a really nice site, with great design and great writing. Lynda does a very nice job with it.So Very Posh