Review 865

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this site when I came to it. It had a webcam shot and below some quick “current” info on the author, some archives and a reader poll. The orange and black layout didn’t appeal to me right away, but after I was on the site for a while, it grew on me.

Nick’s a high school student from Michigan who writes with a sarcastic twist, which I liked. In one of his most recent posts, he said that he hadn’t written for a while because he had rediscovered his bongo drums and took off to on a tour with some Jamaicans to do a world tour. He goes on from there to tell a funny little story with a camera shot of him jamming on his bongo drums just to make it seem a little more “realistic.”

In addition to his blog, he has some poetry, which you can comment on, a bio page, which gives you some background on him and other links to news or other blogs.

I didn’t totally dig all of his posts, but if you like reading blogs with a touch of sarcasm, you might like this site.SheepShirts Blog