Review 844

Here’s Britt’s “journal of a starving artist”, and here is an enjoyable blog – all in the same. You can’t beat that.

Britt’s a multi-jobbed aspiring actor that lives a life just like anybody else. What Britt does manage to do between working all her different shifts is to keep the public entertained via her weblog. And entertaining is a wonderful word to describe “the journal of a starving artist”.

I like the list of six different “currents” Britt keeps along the side of her site, including the oversaid expression, addiction, or CD in player that she’s currently got going on.

I was disappointed to see a generic Blogger template used, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re on the go as much as Britt.

And finally the actual weblog. I liked it, and feel like it could easily become a daily diversion to anyone. Of course, the weblog is going to be enjoyed more by people in the 17-25 year old range, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Britt’s very colorful in her descriptions of what goes on in her life, and it makes each post fun and easy to read. Her writing is very conversational, and that’s what people like when trying to read someone’s weblog.the journal of a starving artist