Review 818

Pleasing site design, some very funny entries, and a man with a heart!

I really enjoyed this blog.

Be sure not to miss his maintainence schedule for his vehicle. He’s got it all down there, even the prices he’s paid for service and parts.

He also posts his training schedule as a separate section. Training for triathlon is big work and shin splints a bother.

The site design works well for this site. These old eyes find light on dark hard to read after computering all day, but overall not a big problem. At least his font is big enough that I didn’t have to squint to read all the way back to September.

“Gak, Gak”…there is nothing about this site that is off putting. He has a wonderful sense of humor, the “about me” section is full of information, and his links are all working and informative.

One of the better sites I’ve visited lately. I’ll be back!Captain Rooba’s Riposte’