Review 791

Svale, the intentionally anonymous author of Lifesciences, is obviously very literate.

While the number of entries posted is few (I counted 31 since the weblog started in August), their depth is makes this journal a compelling read.

This is most definitely not a teenybopper’s weblog. Be prepared for a challenge, intellectually, when you read Lifesciences. His January 5th entry discusses the comparison of the policies Sharon to the WWII German Nazis. He also discusses the book Millenium, by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto. Most definitely not your typical weblog fare.

Svale appears to be fascinated by the constructs of language, and has several word comparisons, that he calls dictionary crossbreedings.

While the content of this weblog is excellent, the design can be best described as blogger-template+. It is certainly not garish, but it is plain, which is a shame when compared to such excellent writing.

I would rate this site 4.0, but the plain design, and limited, though excellent, content bring it down to a 3.5.Lifesciences