Review 772

What a fantastic personal site. It is really hard to explain the experiences I felt while reading this site. It had me hooked from the first post (most recent) so I went all the way back to the very first post and read the site that way.

Starting with the weblog itself we have a very well written site about a Portuguese girl living in the states. She only recently started the site (Aug) and has been very consistent with her writing. Some of her posts are just pictures taken with the digital camera she has, while others are ramblings about her daily life.

The way she writes about these things is what caught me. I could connect with her very easily which was amazing. The best way to describe how interesting her posts, is to quote her about her friend, but I feel that it is also true about the author.

“If you were at a party and didn’t know anyone she’s the one that would have you crackin’ up within a minute to make you feel more comfortable.”

She did just that; make me feel comfortable with in a minute.

The design of her site is very nice and simple. It is kept very small, though it works very well for her. The colors and design bring added warmth to the words that are written in her weblog.

If you want a site that you can connect to the author right away, this is the one for you. Very few sites have actually been able to do this for me, and I am glad that I found this one.sum1undercover