Review 768

When submitted for review, Bruno had a different URL. Usually a redirect page turns me off, but the redirection to such a well designed site was no problem. The problem is that with the site redesign, Bruno left off his archived entries for the last year.

I like the layout tremendously. The clean design with easy to navigate links is a plus. The graphic is cool blue and twisted. Everything works and works well on this site. The scroll is a bit fast for an old lady, but I finally got the hang of it. I don’t especially like the guestbook format, but perhaps he will find one that works better. All you have to do is close the browser on it and it moves out of the way of the main site.

I adore “about” pages, and Bruno’s was no disappointment. It told me who, where, and why. His “essays” section has some interesting reading. I would have liked to read some of the archived entries from 2001.

I’ll check back on Bruno to see where he takes the site with the new design. I just hope he considers adding archives to his 2001 entries.