Review 767

Obviously the name of this site is a reference to the phrase “Beating a dead horse.” With that in mind, I wasn’t sure what I would expect out of this site.

Page loads and of course we are thinking about horses, and there is a picture of baby ducks climbing. What does a baby duck have to do with the weblog? I don’t know.

The next thing I notice is that the design of the site is a blogger template that some how managed to win the template contest. Yes it is a good one for multiple content areas, however, they are so spread out that it makes them not flow together. I really cannot comment any more on the design, as it is a template.

Finally I start to read the site, and I am entertained by it. A lot of the posts reference us to another site, with a little description or note about it first. I liked this part. The personal stuff was in there from what I could tell out of sheer need to just post about it and let it out. I found some of the posts to be quiet entertaining, while others, you guessed it, were “Blogging a dead horse.”

The score of the 2.5 is because it uses a template, with out a good integration into the site. Maybe a different template would help, I don’t know. But also because of the more often personal posts being just like the title. There are some good reads here, but you have to look a little bit for them.blogging a dead horse