Review 766

What is going to happen when I visit this site? Evil Overlady and a site, I have no clue. And to top things off, when the page first started loading, I got a nice bright pink background staring at me for about a second.

Then the rest came in to play. What we have here is a weblog that almost reads like a dear diary type weblog. Some of the posts have interest, while others do not. But the fact that it read as this type, kept my interest. I was reading it, and almost feeling guilty like I was sneaking a peek at my little sister’s diary. But none-the-less it was still very entertaining and well written. Being that I am in the US, and she is obviously in the UK, I found the differences between the English languages amusing.

The design much improved after it loaded correctly (see bright pink above) and just had a bright pink border. The border was nice as it complemented the headings of sections in the site. I am not quiet sure about the crown jewel on the right with the word random over it, as it didn’t change. The about section helped a little bit, but almost everything you want to know about the author is in her weblog.

The site is a good read with nothing to fancy, nor nothing to boring. As I said, I almost felt guilty reading it because it reads like a Dear Diary. Maybe when you read it you won’t get caught and feel so guilty like I did.Evil Overlady