Review 759

Excruciatingly beautiful and undeniably ethereal in appearance, Mundane Angel is a visual treat chock full of thoughtfully written, timely content. Samantha, the 20 year old author, has obviously worked diligently to concoct this weblog which satisfies on many levels.

Topics at Mundane Angel range from personal commentary to insightful perspectives of current events. The author maintains a consistent tone and flow throughout her posts and the entries are nothing short of inviting. Most topics will appeal primarily to female readers in their early to mid-twenties, but the author’s style is so likable that Mundane Angel’s content will probably appeal to other readers, as well. There are occasional misspellings, but the composition is generally solid and the entries are always readable.

The current, and truly stellar, Violet Delight layout of Mundane Angel views best in MSIE, as NS can skew the graphics and does not recognize the internal links as active. The tonal choice of font color provides a limited contrast between background, text, and links but the text is not altogether difficult to read and the tone-on-tone scheme lends quite a soft touch to the already ultra-feminine design of the site. Mundane Angel’s current layout is soothing and combined with the author’s choice of content, it is a genuinely pleasing read.

Mundane Angel’s Meet the Owner page is a must read and provides vital and valuable information about the author. The Past Layouts and Archive pages are also worth exploration.

Mundane Angel earns a 4.5 on a 5.0 scale due to it’s creative appeal, choice and well-written content, and strong layout. Unfortunately, this site did not qualify for a 5.0 due to the inaccessibility of internal links when viewed in NS. A simple tweak of code will likely remedy the link problem and bring greater cross-browser compatibility to this wonderful site. Readers who use MSIE are strongly encouraged to visit Mundane Angel, as it is a beautiful weblog which one wont soon forget.

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