Review 742

My first impression was “WOW!” I loved the colors, and the layout was just right. The picture of Hoopty Loops on the right had me cracking up, and really added SO much to the character of the site. I was smiling, and I hadn’t even read anything yet!

The ONLY thing I really missed on Hoopty’s site was an about page, but getting to know him was not a problem. This blog’s well written, engaging, funny, entertaining, and just plain fun. I honestly smiled my way through the entire blog, reading through all the entries.

This blog seemed to be more for the 18+ crowd, but I didn’t really see anything that would make my daughter (9 years old) shriek or cry.

Nice design, fun premise, fun writing, fun blogging… I was all caught up in the Hoopty Loop!!!

This blog is HIGHLY recommended!

Hoopty Loops