Review 719

This website is like a messy collision between Victor Meldrew, the guy from As Good As It Gets and a weblog. And, like all the best accidents, you just can’t tear your eyes away.

Why People Suck isn’t, as I anticipated, another average blog with a name chosen to try and make it sound edgy. In fact, it’s a collection of “misanthropic” rants on why people – and things – suck.

In it’s short 5 day history, Rivka has already penned vitriolic entries on people with cellphones in cinemas, “pro-lifers” issuing death threats, Network Solutions and a savage epic on her noisy neighbours.

The design is competent, with the evil face and red and black colour scheme. However, it does commit the sin of light text on a dark background, though it does fit the theme.

So early signs are good, but they are very early. I’m not sure quite why you would keep coming back other than the excellent writing quality, and if you have a blog you can keep posting “I so agree with this” links.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. For pure scorn – 4 points!Why People Suck