Review 688

Initial thoughts

Before viewing I had a vague notion as to what the Weblog may include, dry wit was one of those.

As soon as I set eyes upon the Weblog the colours leapt out at me and made me want to close the window immediately however I persevered.


The entries themselves focus around the authors life, which does begin to get a bit tedious, however some humour is thrown in every so often.

I found myself wanting to leave because I had no interest in what the author was saying what so ever.


Absolutely appalling, the colours disgusted me to the highest degree; they were gaudy and unsuitable for this type of site. If you really want a blue background then why not revise the colour blue that you use and go for a paler shade.

I found it hard to read the white writing after a while, so perhaps it could be changed to a more suitable colour.


Little else to do other than read the entries, a little content wouldn’t go a miss.

I’m Not Being Sarcastic