Review 687

Initial Thoughts

My initial thoughts before visiting was that it was going to be a typically boyish site with blues as the colour scheme (as so many male blog sites are these days), however I was greatly surprised to see such an awesomely striking layout and design.


The posts are somewhat interesting, although the author does take his time to get to the point, and I found myself skipping to the end to see what his point was.

Posts are frequent and although long and they do tend to go off on a tangent at times, this is what makes this site worth coming back to.

One point I would like to mention is the lack of correct punctuation that made some of the sentences hard to read, (although any misunderstandings can soon be rectified by re-reading the sentence again)


Fantastic is one word to describe the way the design leads your eye towards the centre of the page where the Weblog lies, and how the navigation seems to lie effortlessly at the top of the page not obstructing your view of the actual Weblog or making it look cluttered.


There is a good detailed and witty section about the author and when the site originated. This was a nice added extra.

Articles were another bonus; they too were fun to read and made me literally laugh out loud.

Other extras were; a music and movie review page, a web cam portal and a picture page.