Review 684

I liked the layout when the site came up. It has this gold-brownish look to it and the picture at the top of the site is a picture deserted road and a yield sign with a camel on it.

Meredith’s post are okay. The kept me interested for the most part, but nothing to really rave about. She basically talks about your everyday stuff, like going to the grocery store and spending way too much for food, or previous trip she’s taken somewhere, music and other things.

One thing I liked was she has a “Friday Five” where on Fridays she’ll posts 5 questions, or more from one of those email type surveys you’d get that asks you to answer some questions such as, “What’s your favorite tv show” or, “If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?” It gives you a little more sight about who she is.

I was a bit bummed out about some of the links around her site. Her link that talks about her site and possible more information about who the author is didn’t work. But one thing that was cute was “Mer’s Mirror” which displays a different picture every time you come to her site. There are also links to TV show’s she’s watching, upcoming concerts, current tunes she’s grooving to and of course other blogs.

Overall, this is an okay site.that crazy Casbah jive