Review 680

When I first reached this weblog I immediately thought the design was very different and that the writer of this weblog sounded like an interesting person.

To start off with Tavie is talking about moving her site to the new domain which is rather boring but as you read on you find Tavie has an interesting outlook on life as a college student in New York. Her plan to buy fluffy slippers to wear at work made me giggle and I believe that her Profile/Biography is the most interesting one I have ever read. It doesn’t bore you, and is just long enough so we get an idea about this girl with the unusual name. Tavie explains things in an interesting way such as-“My feet feel like the snow you scrape off tv-dinner boxes.”

The design uses a lot of green, which makes it unusual. The text links to the left are a bit small and the background image makes it hard to read some of the text towards the right side.

Overall, I think Tavie’s blog is worth checking out, even if just for Tavie’s Biography. Her posts are fun and amusing. The only thing I was disappointed in was the comments I mentioned above about the