Review 677

It has a lengthy reference section, it looks something like a weblog in three parts, it features daily commentary from its author, and it has links — lots of them liberally sprinkled throughout posts and in the sidebar. Daunting, yes. Fun? To be certain!

The Daily Vexation reads as one part catalog of timely news bites, two parts humor, and one part pure sarcasm; and, all parts read equally well. The author, known only as Vex, styles her entries to focus on either current events or personal ones. External links are well-chosen to enhance the author’s original content and her cynical, although entertaining, points of view. The author is decidedly opinionated, but in a manner which will elicit readers’ smiles and applause. The posts at The Daily Vexation are rarely, if ever, standoffish in tone; and, they are usually crafted to be concise and conducive to further reader exploration. One definitely feels welcomed at The Daily Vexation.

The author’s layout is, perhaps, the most daunting aspect of the weblog. Tables are arranged vertically and each contains an array of information ranging from reference links and links to other weblogs, to art and multimedia links, to — finally — the weblog itself. This layout may easily distract the reader from the weblog, but such a diversion can be pleasant given the links to choose from. The author’s Pardue-Duran genealogy pages are especially noteworthy given the labor of love it must have been to create such a detailed sub-site.

The Daily Vexation views equally well in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1 and the only discernible error in code can be found in the noticeable font shift at the bottom of the weblog column.

Readers looking for humorous and opinionated news summaries will find much to enjoy at The Daily Vexation; but, reader beware — the author is highly literate and many references within the blog entries are somewhat obscure. Nevertheless, those who enjoy stepping off of the beaten path will appreciate the offerings here.

the Daily Vexation