Review 676

This site hard to rate because it’s a fairly new website and I didn’t have many posts (9 to be exact) to work with to get a proper feel about the author or what he’s trying to achieve on his site.

The Michael Brown Website is run by Michael Brown who’s an independent filmmaker. He blogged about some movies he liked and watched. I wasn’t quite in tune with what he was talking about since it was about movie and film making. There was mention and also an area on his site about a screenplay he wrote entitled, “Thing on the Doorstep” which was adapted from a short story.

Elsewhere on his site, there are links to articles, a shop, projects and interviews which all don’t have much information. The site’s pretty easy to get around and it’s a clean layout, but nothing fancy.

The one thing I did get from his site is he does enjoy watching movies and talking about them so I’m sure someone who’s into cinematography might like his site.

I’m sure this site will be great in the near future, however I can only rate this site from the current content it has which is not much. He might have wanted to submit the site a few months from now when he has more information to offer his reader.Quixotic Film-making