Review 671

The design of a weblog doesn’t weigh very heavily in to a review unless it is exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. This case is the former.

The lines run together so tightly that the letters overlap each other. Nothing says “i hate my reader” like overlapping lines. From a design/artistic perspective, this phenomenon posesses some novelty, but having to read it is painful.

The column that the text is in is also much too narrow to read without pain. Making the eye jump to the next line after every four words is just sadistic.

Content-wise, this site suffers from ADD. The posts are very short, bite-sized snippets of nothing. They also suffer from chronic misspellings, no sentence structure, overuse of the word “like” and *huggies*.

While admittedly a petty point, the drop-down boxes used for nagivation are obnoxiously ugly.

The colors scheme is pretty though. I just love purple.