Review 670

Another BlogSpot blog with another commonplace template and absolutely no external links. Doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Well, it isn’t – unless one likes to do little more than read weblogs. And, weblogs are for reading, aren’t they?

What Have I Done is very much a reader’s blog and it is a good read, indeed. The author, an female adult with a family, crafts highly amusing, well-written slice-of-life entries which are worth the time to peruse. The writing at What Have I Done is exceptionally solid with proper, though not stilted, grammar and composition. The author peppers entries with both subtle wit and obvious humor; and, each entry conveys a sense of familiarity with the author and her life.

What Have I Done’s layout is typically Blogger-ish, utilizing a standard Blogger template. There are no external links at What Have I Done, but the entries are archived and all archives are accessible. Readers of What Have I Done will, most likely, yearn for more knowledge about the author and her life; but the weblog will have to suffice as this author apparently does not have her own site.

What Have I Done will appeal mainly to domesticated 30-somethings looking for a like-minded point of view; but, the humor and content within this weblog is appealing to anyone who enjoys a solid personal weblog.What Have I Done?